1. Immovable object, meet Gabriel Medina. Lower Trestles, Calif. September 2014. #HurleyPro

  2. Goofyfooter’s Delight

    “I still don’t know,” Gabriel Medina said afterward, trying to put the past three heats and several hours into perspective. “I’m still trying to figure out how I did it.”

    Mick Fanning. Taj Burrow. Joel Parkinson. All former Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast champions, all country favorites, all regular-footers, all victim of Medina’s unexpected march to the event title. He did it with gusto and supreme confidence and a ferocious backhand attack, and with it, Medina became the first goofy-footer to win at Snapper Rocks since 2004.

    Medina was still in shock after riding upon the shoulders of his father and friends, surrounded by his fellow countrymen turned expatriates in Australia; there to share in the festivities and shower Medina with songs of their homeland and make it feel all that more fitting that the setting at Snapper came to be called “Rainbow de Janeiro.”

  3. Joel Parkinson taking off from behind the rocks at Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast of Australia. He was finding and making barrels in a way no one in the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast could match. Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta, QLD, Australia. March 2014.

  4. Stale Sandbech going up to get down in Winter X Games Big Air. Aspen, Colo. January 2014.

  5. Freeride Mountain Biker Andreu Lacondeguy sharing airspace at Red Bull Rampage in Virgin Valley, Utah. October 2013.

  6. Headwinds and double-corks don’t go together. Canadian Seb Toutant trying to out muscle the elements at Dew Tour. December 2013.

  7. It’s all out there. Somewhere on Highway 1, near Big Sur, Calif. November 2013.

  8. When summer flat spells hit the Pacific, I get anxious for powder days. Charles Reid makes waves up at Northstar. Truckee, California. March 2013.

  9. Keep Climbing – To progress, you must fall. The spills come with the business, especially in BMX. Mike “Hucker” Clark heading to the next level at X Games Brazil.

    Foz do Iguacu, Brazil | April 2013

  10. Wandering the streets of Barcelona in a day-drinking haze and accidentally stumbling across never-ending, Mardi Gras-like parade dance parties in La Barceloneta. Ah, the unexpected wonders of traveling.

  11. Mind the gap. Iguazu Falls – Foz do Iguacu, Brazil. April 2013.

  12. Crowds cheer for Rune Glifberg. They cheer because he’s Rune Glifberg. They cheer because for as long as he’s been a professional skateboarder, he’s been someone to watch. They cheer because he has a style entirely his own. His own flow in the bowl, his own arm positioning, his own unique lines. And he’s Danish. You can’t not like the accent. And he’s 38 and still one of the best and most entertaining skaters to watch. And so they cheer.